Thursday, December 23, 2010

Flower Suger fabric giveaway

Have you seen such delicious fabric?  It's been given away by Retromummy!  She has not one but two fat packs to giveaway of the wonderful Flower Sugar range of fabric by Lecien!  So generous don't you think?

The giveaway is open until new years eve and open to everyone.

Good luck to everyone! (me included!)

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas Stocking

A quick post tonight as Christmas draws near and I am ssssooooooo busy!  Decided a few nights ago to MAKE/SEW some last minute christmas gifts!  Silly me!!  Oh well, they say it is the silly season and I am proving it! lol.  I will post them after Christmas because I think the recipients read my blog!

Tonight I am just going to show a Christmas stocking I made for a friend who asked me last year to make one for her new 1st grandson.  See it here.  This year she has gotten herself her first granddaughter!  Lucky lady.

I used the same pattern as the last one which is from this book here.  It's a Tone Finnanger design made with soft pink flannel for the stocking and cotton scraps for the applique.

Merry Christmas to all!  Keep safe driving!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

This is what being busy does to me

I end up with a lot of unfinished projects!

I was so tired the night before last that I wasted the night just browsing the internet.  This activity always leads to being inspired by talented people!

The next day I couldn't get this out of my head and so during a 2 hour lunch break, I drove home and started a messenger bag with this stencil design.  You can see the tuturial for a pouch and link for the converse shoe stencil here.

A few days ago I was browsing Japanese sites (again) and craved my own little pouch.  I didn't have the Japanese craft book and so had to create my own pattern.  I am amazed my measurements worked out the first time!

The above pouch is still waiting for the lining.  I have cut out half and it's sitting on it.

The Japanese site browsing also lead to the start of this pouch!  I used the pattern I made for the previous pouch to make this one.

I love the cute little tail out the back!  I am hopefully hand stitching in the zipper today.

I have to stitch some toes onto his paws, which is going to be fiddly because they are so small.

Yes!!  The parade of unfinished projects hasn't stopped yet!  This is a handbag I have made using a pattern I created myself!  My mum called the fabric I used 'Burlap'.  I haven't the foggiest idea.  It was a scrap I found in a op shop.  Its lined with the fabric the flower is made from.  It has a magnetic snap and boy is it a strong one.  I would love to know how to take the excess power away from magnetic snaps.

While I was making my bag flower, I couldn't stop and made some more out of scraps.

So many unfinished projects made while  I was making  the swaps!   Well, I had to have breaks!  They are all close to being finished.  Except for the messenger bag I started yesterday at lunch.

Here's a finished swap I have sent off.  She has it now so I can show it off.

She said she loves the colour green and earthly things.  She also loves practical things and I remember reading on her blog that she is into the bird theme.  Hope she likes it.

Cute!  I always make my best stuff when I am making it for other people!

Merry Christmas!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

A little bit of sweetness

A little bit behind in my blogging!  Ah well.  It means I have some stuff to share.  Today I am going to show what I received in the post from some of my 'Swap with a Difference' partners.

I received these goodies from Sue of "I Purr-Furr to Craft".  Talk about cute!  Love the knitted flower!   I can't knit and am so envious of talented people who can because they can whip up these flowers and they can be used for anything.  This flower is a brooch which is on my Grey winter coat.  It really adds a dash of colour. The fat quarters are like a narcotic to me, (an addicted fabricholic)!  Well I guess so because I don't do narcotics so have no idea really! lol
Oh! and my daughter is trying to pinch the frog tape measure!  It's so cute!

A gorgeous parcel from another Sue of "Girls Shed".  I am not sure what it's called but I am guessing a sewing caddy.  Full of sewing nic nac's.  I also received some inspiring fabric.  It could easily be use for a Christmas craft with the beautiful red flowers but I am going to make something that can be enjoyed all year.  I really love the Superb Blue Wren card.  It is really pretty.

This is the sewing caddy in a basket that Sue sent me.  You can see all the little goodies she sent me.  So spoiled!  Also a bit of a tease as I have always wanted an embroidery machine myself.  Hopefully one day in the not too distant future the right one at the right price will come along!

So!  Thank you Sue and Sue!

Saturday, November 20, 2010


This is Matilda.  My second swap finished for the swap I am participating in.
She has been received by Sue from Girls Shed and Sue named her Matilda.  I think that name suits her well.

She has the cutest face!  I really enjoyed making her and she is a rather thrifty bear seeing how she is made out of an old chenille bedspread.  Makes her look rather 'shabby chic'.

Her jacket is made out of cheap woolen quilt batting.   Fabric for cuffs are recycled scraps from an old blouse I have been cutting up and the ric rac and lace are from an op shop.  So you could say she is quite the recycled bear!

A close up showing patchwork heart and jacket band.

A little story I will share is that on completion of jacket when I went to try it on the bear, I expected it to fit.  It didn't and I thought I had made my bear too fat.  I looked at the instructions and pattern pic again and found to my relief that the jacket wasn't meant to fit and just be caught at the chest with a few stitches!  Whew!

A close up of yo yo flowers.

See I have been busy sewing this bear so that hopefully explains my absenteeism from my blog over the last couple of weeks.

Pattern was from the magazine "Handmade"  Vol 24 No 6.  The designer is Anna Jarman. 

Well, I think that's it for today! 


Thursday, November 18, 2010

Lavender Sachets etc

A quick post today.

Sometimes I really feel the need to take a break from a project and make something else.  Usually a small, quick to finish project for instant gratification.   My  4 swap projects have turned out to be rather time consuming projects that I have never attempted before.  Being first time projects means, of course, I am learning a lot of new techniques. 

I really would like to show them to you but have to wait for the last two to be finished.  Nearly there.   I am still waiting for one swap partner to notify me that she has received her package.  Hopefully soon!

In the meantime there are these:

Lavender sachets filled with my very own lavender picked fresh off the bush early spring.  Drying time took longer than normal because we finally, after years of drought, got some rain!  Yay!  Our Murray River is starting to fill up again.

A couple more that still need to be finished!  Surprisingly I am not finding any suitable fabrics to compliment them in my scrap basket!  Something will turn up I am sure.

Free pattern and instructions can be found at Bustle and Sew.

Or you can buy this book.  The same pattern is in there.

I also made a little experiment.  Hopefully it works the way I want it too.  Its a little sachet to throw in the clothes dryer with your washing.  It is filled with scented bath crystals.  Hopefully they don't dissolve too quickly and ruin my washing.  SO I will be putting my hubbies clothes in first to try it out! lol

Friday, October 29, 2010

Ginger Kitty Softie

Hey!  I finally have something to blog about!  I have finished a swap (and she has been delivered) so I can show you what has been keeping me away from not only my blog but probably yours as well!

'Hanging with my homies' said kitty.

'What do you mean "I might get sold"?' asks kitty.

'Oops!  Your right!  I can see a customer eying me off right now!' cries kitty.

Thank goodness my swap partner Sue loves her gift.  Now I have to get back to the grindstone and finish another three swaps.  One almost done.  The other two started.  Then I will have more to blog about.

For your information:  Pattern is "Chester the Cat" by Cheryl Ross of Tears Bear Patch.  Pattern found in Patchwork and Stitching - Vol 6 No12.

I used orange polar fleece for main body.  Polyester quilt batting for paws, muzzle and tummy.  Felt for nose, collar and cheeky tongue.  A small amount of plastic pellets were used in paws and tummy.

Have a great day!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I love sewing!

I really do love sewing and wish I had more time for it!  Every time I feel I need a big sewing spree, outside work interferes with extra work.  It's more pay in the pocket so I shouldn't complain and I don't when the pay check comes in!  It's only when I browse the web and read my favourite sewing blogs and get really itching to make lots of the projects around that I wish I was unemployed! lol

Especially when I have got swap partners to sew for, and when friends ask me to make something for them and I can't say no!  Below is an example.  (It's a friends request not a swap project as I can't show them until the swaps are delivered and received).

A baby bib and booties!  Even I will boast that they are cute!  Made for a friend to give to another friend who has had a itty bitty babe.

The bib pattern was found in a issue of "Quilts and More".  The spring 2010 issue to be exact.  A great and easy pattern.  I have cut out a few more bibs from this pattern and for one I am going to recycle a towel for the backing to see how it goes.

The booties were made using the free pattern and tutorial from Stardust Shoes.  Thank you Joanne for a great pattern and a great blog!

And here's some knitted bed socks my mum made for me!  She knows that with my low blood pressure comes cold feet!  These keep my toes warm just nicely!  Especially now that I know how to wear them correctly!

Yes that's me in my daggy trakies!  I promise not to go anywhere wearing them!

Now back to sewing for my swap partners.  Luckily one project has a lot of hand sewing involved.  Which means I can sit in front of the telly!

My lavender has nearly dried, so I can finish off my lavender sachets soon too.

A quick note:  I found on Google a turtle I made using a pattern from One Red RobinJhoanna Monte saw my turtle and must have like it as she linked to it on her blog!  Wow I'm am so flattered that one of my most favourite softie designers likes my effort at sewing her patterns!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Casserole Cozy

I havn't blogged on my sewing blog for a while and here's a picture to show you why.  I have actually been sewing!  WooHoo!!

I am sorry to be a traitor to that saying that women are talented multi taskers but I can't quite operate a sewing machine with one hand and type on the computer with the other!  lol.  With the limited spare time I have lately I have chosen to sew.

Red spotty casserole cozy made using the tutorial from Dixie Doodles.  A very easy tutorial to follow. 

Here is a shot of the casserole cozy flat.  Just in case someone wants to see it flat! lol

A little look at the applique.  Technique used is "freestyle".  It's an excellent applique technique for slackers like me!! :)

I have also been making some lavender sachets.  I won't show them until they are 100% finished.  They are just waiting for the lavender I nicked from my brothers garden to dry so they can be filled and then closed.   They are extremely pretty and I can't wait to show them!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

I made a doll!

Introducing my first ever completed doll.

I am pretty happy with my first effort at doll making.  Flaws and all.  I will keep those a secret but I will say there are a few.  She wouldn't have been made at all if I didn't have a bloggy friend talk me into a doll swap!  I mentioned a wish to learn to make a doll and now I have.

I learnt so much making this doll, from staining the body to making hair.  I used this pattern and tutorial from Lillie Mae's Crafts found here.  I didn't follow her instructions on hair making but used this tutorial instead.

Lastly, her collar is something I whipped up from a pattern I drew.  I was trying to make a sailor's collar.  If I make a dress with sailors collar again I will be enlarging the pattern I made.

Oops!  Just realized I didn't take a photo of the back view and she has gone off to live with her new family!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Platypus Softie

Love this pattern!  So cute!  These platypus's were one of a number of unfinished projects.  I finished them in late July.  Yes, a bit slow to blog about them but that's life for you!  "So much to do, so little time" is my life!

Anyway!  For those that have the Australian Homespun Magazines, the pattern can be found in Vol 10, Issue 1.  For those that don't have the magazine you can purchase the pattern from Kate of Two Little Banshees fame.  Her etsy shop is full of the cutest softie patterns ever!  I really want to get my hands on her elephant pattern one day.

More little posts to come.  I have been pottering around doing bits and pieces and have totally neglected my bags making!  Had to pack up for a scrapbooking party and now can't find some ruffles I cut out for a bag.
I don't know about you guys but when I can't find something I can't rest until I have turned the house upside down looking for it.  (Then have to spend precious time putting the house back in order.)

Thursday, August 12, 2010


I am sewing some things that are for swap partners and other friends so I can't show them yet  (Explains my lack of posting on my blog! lol).

I did find a unfinished project my daughter started AGES ago.  I took it into the living room, where it was warm and cozy, and finished it in front of the telly.

You can come over and pick it up whenever you want Jess.

This felt mascot is from "The Cute Book".  Author is Aranzi Aronzo and is one of my favourite designers of cuteness.  I have several of their craft books and one day hope to make some of the cute softies .

Friday, July 30, 2010

I still can't believe it!

I won Cyndi from Bluebirdswing's July giveaway!  

She included some extras!!

Some pretty cards!  I love cherries!

Sticky notes!  I will be sticky noting myself all over the house!

Last but definitely not least.  A strap made by Cyndi.  I love it!  I already have come up with a ton of uses for it.

Now I am going back to play with the jelly roll I won.  It's droolable I tell you!  My teenage son also has been stroking the side of the roll!  He loves the fluffy feel of it.  But he can't understand why its called a "Jelly Roll".  He says it "Looks nothing like jelly Mum!"

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Little blue handbag.

This bag looks like it could be a great bag. I really like how it turned out except for the handles. Too short!!!! I think I did an oopsie. The pattern did look small and I did wonder if it needed enlarging but couldn't see that mentioned anywhere.  What I did see was a statement saying that the bag measures  ....input some figures as I have forgotten.........I measured the pattern and it fit the measurements stated.  But I think I misinterpreted WHERE I should have been measuring from!!!

My fault! I am really mad at myself because I also tried to be clever and cut out four of these bags before making up the first to see how things go!!!!

Please help me and advise me on what I can do to salvage this poor bag.  The only idea I can think of  is to cut off the handle and add a tab and one of those circle O rings to try and lengthen the straps.

I wanted to show the lining as well. Beautiful blue. I think I love the colour blue!! :)

I will leave you with some fantastic news!  Well it's fantastic to me because the postie arrived today.

I wasn't even expecting a parcel for another week and was extremely surprised to find my parcel from Cyndi of Bluebirdswing had arrived.!!

The postie also thought he would tell me I have had another package delivered and left in my carport.  On closer inspection he was pointing to a bag of potting mix I picked up earlier from Bunnings!!  I am still shaking my head and muttering WTF over that one.  He also took my "Wow!  That was quick!" comment about the parcel arriving so soon as personal praise!  As if he was the only kog in the postal delivery service from the good US of A to Australia!! lol

I will post about Cyndi's package and what was in it tomorrow.  I spent too long touching and drooling over the goodies she sent and am now too tied to post anymore.  I think my night owl of a hubby has beat me to bed.  Not good!!  He snores and I have to fall asleep first!! lol


Thursday, July 15, 2010

A little bit of crafting

I finished my daughter's socks/slippers!  She says they are "deliciously warm".
While it's so freezingly cold Down Under I will be making as many as I can.  All depends on whether the op shops will have anymore jumpers for sale once it gets out how easy these things are to make!

I had to wash my slippers that I made out of 100% felted lambswool.  I was nervous that they would felt even more and that the flowers might be damaged.  As you can see below that they turned out fine.  So yes you can just throw them in the wash.

I was reading Kristen's blog So Happy and was quite taken with her cute pincushions.  I had a little play with some scraps myself and was quite satisfied with the enjoyment of sewing linen and cute scraps.  I love the things Kristen makes and often feel a craving to make some.  Her fabric baskets are truly inspiring and she has a tutorial for them  :)

Naomi from Nome's brag-a-long knows I like doing self covered buttons and sent me an email with the link to a tutorial.  This tute shows you how to make the self covered buttons without buying a kit.  You make everything yourself with stuff found in your home.  Michele from Michele Made Me is the talented lady of this tutorial which you can find here.  My first button made from the tute!

Off to make my bags!  When I am done there will be lots to show you.  I might take mystery shots of my bags as I make them just to tease you.  I have been teased myself by many bloggers! lol

Thursday, July 8, 2010

So Happy giveaway!


Kristen from So Happy is having a giveaway!  Not only do you get the chance to win the Moda fabric above but also some:

Greet the Day in Aqua and Red of the Early Bird collection from Cosmo Cricket fabric.  

AND!  A choice of one from her cute pincushions!

Good Luck!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Felt scraps

Awhile ago now, I was  lucky to find a bag of scraps of felt for $1 at a thrift store.  Real good quality felt in a huge range of colours.  Even though they were scraps, they were decent sized scraps!

I have been using them to make flowers.  See my sock slippers here for the flowers.  I have made this monkey and started a blue one and a brown one.  I got the "recipe" from an address on the internet that doesn't seem to exist anymore.  Good thing I printed out the instructions for future reference!

Speaking of printing out stuff and the guilty feelings about wasting trees using paper.  Well!  When my hubby complained about companies not giving out printed manuals anymore for electronic stuff and giving CD's instead to read via PC, I told him that they are just being "environmentally friendly" and saving trees.  My hubby laughed at me and said that using a computer uses a lot of energy eg a lot of coal burning, mining for coal etc.  It made me stop and think that yes maybe we are being blind with tunnel vision on environmental issues. 

We say we care about the environment and try to conserve paper to protect trees (still a good thing)  but we have homes and workplaces full of power hungry appliances that we never unplug even when they are not being used.
I, from now on, will be more conservative with my power use which I currently waste.  Right now I am in my dining room writing this post, while in my sewing room I know my sewing machine is on and its light aglow!  My touch lamp beside my bed is most likely on.  The TV is on in the lounge and no one is in there watching it!  "My bad!". 

PS the address for monkey is:
Just in case someone has skills and can find this page.

Friday, July 2, 2010

In Memory

15.12.1994 - 2.7.2003

Remembering the fun times with such sweet sorrow.
Miss you Antmee

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Simple pattern + great fabric = gorgeous bag!

I love this fabric!  Makes a simple bag pattern turn out quite nice!  If you want to make your own, you can find the pattern here.  It's called the "1 hour bag" and Jodi from Ric-Rac generously has it as a free pattern and tutorial.

My darling daughter "bagged" this bag when she saw it.  I had only half finished sewing it together!  Since I gave in and promised to give it to her, I asked her what colour buttons she wanted on the sides.  She wanted pink ones and do you think I could find some to match, in just the right size?  No!  It took me a few weeks of looking in fabric stores and even op shops before I gave up and bought some self cover buttons.  I was then lucky enough to find just the right shade of pink fabric in my stash.

Inside the bag is a simple pocket and a magnetic snap to close.  You could change this bag and add so much extra features like more pockets, a flap etc but then it would take a lot longer than the one hour it takes to make.  It actually takes longer if you add in the time it takes to make a choice on what fabric you are going to use!  The outer fabric and lining are cotton and the interfacing is H640 Vilene.

My niece likes this bag too!  So I need to make another in similar fabric!  As I said before, it might take me some time to find just the right fabric!

If you do make this bag, remember to strengthen the positions of the magnetic snaps with extra iron-on interfacing.  I didn't in the beginning and had to undo the bottom of lining to remove snaps and add some extra interfacing.