Tuesday, December 1, 2009

"Oh what fun, it is to sew..."

I love Tone Finnanger patterns!  I have just finished her xmas stocking project from the book Crafting Christmas Gifts.  While looking for a link for people who may be interested, I went to Quilt Fabric Delights but she has sold out of this book.  But while there I ordered the Easter book by Tone Finnanger.  Can't wait for it to get here.  She is super fast with deliveries.  The only hold up is I do not have a credit card. Yes indeed I do not and never have owned a credit card.  People look at me strangely when I tell them that but it must be why I live debt free.  I only pay cash so if I don't have any I don't spend any. I will be getting a debit VISA card one day as paying by money order is getting expensive ($4.50 + stamp + envelope costs). Visa Debit cards use your own money I hear but what are the fees?

xmas stocking from a Tone Finnanger pattern

I made this stocking for a work colleague for no other reason than we started talking about xmas and she mentioned wanting to get a stocking for her very first grandchild.  Well! I jumped right in and offered to make her one.  Also her grandson is gorgeous! Chubby cheeks! I love chubby cheeks!

Most of the fabric came from my stash except the lining.  All cotton type fabrics were used and I used thin fleece for the interfacing (turned out a bit bulky).  I would leave out the interfacing next time and see how it goes.

All the patterns I have come across from this talented lady are very easy to do.  AND the best bit is I haven't come across any errors in the patterns or instructions yet.  It makes me really confident of success when starting her patterns and therefore a good sewing session is guaranteed!  How many people have come across a project in a book or wherever and half way through it just makes no sense?  You are left wondering if something was left out of the instructions and you end up having a disappointing sewing day.

A big thank you to all pattern makers who proof read their books before publishing!