Saturday, August 25, 2012

I'm ok

I am still alive and well.

I am sorry for no blogging but I have found no joy in computers at the moment.

My laptop overheats really quickly and now only gives me around 15 mins before it shuts down. 

This had been going on for awhile and finally my computer tech hubby decided to give it a look.  So currently it has been pulled apart and is in a thousand pieces.  Ok about 5 pieces.

If your questioning why somebody that has a computer techie for a hubby doesn't have the best working computer in the world, go ask someone who has a kitchen cabinet maker hubby why their kitchen is still not finished (10 years later). Or the wife of a mechanic why she carries a hammer in her car to start the faulty old bomb she drives around! lol

My hard-drive has been put into my hubby's laptop temporarily while he fix's mine.  Which by the way has been bagged and put in a cupboard because he is too busy building a bulldozer!  Let's see how long before I get my laptop back!

Sewing!  I should mention sewing since this is primarily a sewing blog.

Well fabric has been getting me in trouble.  How? I hear you ask.  Well I am ashamed to say by the piles of fabric and projects all over the house (ok just lounge room, dining room and sewing room).  I have been accused of having three sewing rooms and I must admit it is selfish of me when I nag at them to put their junk away.  ( I mean junk in the old fashion way! not the new hip hop way!) lol.  For those who don't know the modern meaning of the word 'junk' then I will enlighten you (sorry).  It means your private sexy bits.  Mainly a woman's butt or a mans genitalia.

Also until tonight, I thought this computer had destroyed all the photo's I have been taking the last few weeks.  My hubby used 'Parted Magic' to do a recovery and I have my photo's back but I still have to try and upload them again and do some minor editing. So sorry no photo's tonight.

AND if I have any more PC problems I am shutting down my blog and throwing out ALL technology and electrical crap in my house and am going back to the dark ages!!!!!!