Friday, May 21, 2010

Pretty buttons to make yourself

I really felt stupid after buying some buttons at $6.00 ea.  Yes!  I paid 6 bucks ea for some really pretty buttons.  Then on arriving home and giving them another look, I found that I could have made them easily and a lot cheaper.

I thought I would show you how I made them just in case you see some and think of buying them.


Grab some supplies.  Scraps of fabric and scraps of ribbons and trims.
Buy a packet of self cover buttons ($1.60 for three)

Sew two fabric scraps together like above.  Then, using the circle template found on the back of button pack, cut out a fabric circle.

Add your trims to the circles.  I glued the trims and stitched the ribbons down.  Next, do a running stitch around the outside, close to the edge.  Pretty much the same as making yo yo's.

Place your button inside the puff and draw in the puff (see button above).
Finally add the washer and press down.  I use cotton reel placed over the shank and give a light tap with a small hammer.  Voila!  Pretty buttons.

The pink button on the left and top button are the purchased buttons that cost $6 ea!  The rest cost less than $1.00 to make.

Hint:  At the stage where your about to put the washer on,  I dampen the button with water.  This helps smooth out the fabric for a neater button.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Here's a finished clutch

Just a quickie tonight to share this clutch I made using Noodleheads beautiful Gathered Clutch Tutorial.  As usual I recycled.  Remember those 3/4 LOUD patterned pants that were around a few years ago?  Well, I still had a few pairs taking up room in my wardrobe so I have started cutting them up.  The fabric from them is a soft brushed drill cotton that is good for pouches, wallets etc and the room growing in my wardrobe is good for a shopping spree!

Inside the clutch is some credit card pockets and clutch divider.  Strap seen is a sneak in cameo appearance from my camera strap and not a strap for the clutch.  I was thinking of adding one for my next clutch and also making the clutch a bit bigger next time.

I also wanted to show my luck at winning these patterns in a giveaway that  Melissa of Ardea's Nest gave.  Really like those Walking Frame bags!  Guess what all my colleagues at work are going to get this Christmas? lol   (Shoot!  I think they read this blog!) 

That's it from me.  I am going to be away for a week and may not have access to the internet so enjoy yourselves and I will catch up on your blogs when I get back.