Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Little blue handbag.

This bag looks like it could be a great bag. I really like how it turned out except for the handles. Too short!!!! I think I did an oopsie. The pattern did look small and I did wonder if it needed enlarging but couldn't see that mentioned anywhere.  What I did see was a statement saying that the bag measures  ....input some figures as I have forgotten.........I measured the pattern and it fit the measurements stated.  But I think I misinterpreted WHERE I should have been measuring from!!!

My fault! I am really mad at myself because I also tried to be clever and cut out four of these bags before making up the first to see how things go!!!!

Please help me and advise me on what I can do to salvage this poor bag.  The only idea I can think of  is to cut off the handle and add a tab and one of those circle O rings to try and lengthen the straps.

I wanted to show the lining as well. Beautiful blue. I think I love the colour blue!! :)

I will leave you with some fantastic news!  Well it's fantastic to me because the postie arrived today.

I wasn't even expecting a parcel for another week and was extremely surprised to find my parcel from Cyndi of Bluebirdswing had arrived.!!

The postie also thought he would tell me I have had another package delivered and left in my carport.  On closer inspection he was pointing to a bag of potting mix I picked up earlier from Bunnings!!  I am still shaking my head and muttering WTF over that one.  He also took my "Wow!  That was quick!" comment about the parcel arriving so soon as personal praise!  As if he was the only kog in the postal delivery service from the good US of A to Australia!! lol

I will post about Cyndi's package and what was in it tomorrow.  I spent too long touching and drooling over the goodies she sent and am now too tied to post anymore.  I think my night owl of a hubby has beat me to bed.  Not good!!  He snores and I have to fall asleep first!! lol



Cyndi said...

Kylie, that little bag is ADORABLE! You did a fantastic job on it. I was wondering...if it's really small, couldn't you use it as a gift for a young girl? I hate the thought of you having to cut the straps to try to "fix" it. Then on the others that you've cut out, you could do the little tab with the O ring before you sew it so that it looks like that's how it's supposed to be?

Oooh, I'm so happy that your package arrived! Wow, that was fast...only a week! Hope you enjoy the goodies! :o)



Merry said...

Love your little bag Kylie...I like the little touch with the lace and buttons on the front. I was thinking the same as Cyndi...that it would be perfect for a little girl.

Laura said...

Good Morning!
I didn't get a chance to visit your blog until just now...I love this little bag! I had a thought...what about cutting the handles directly in half and adding an extension piece there...but reverse the lining and the outside cloth on your extension piece...so that it looks like you meant to do it all along! I wish I could draw what I mean...I hope it makes sense.

Fine Hand said...

I really like small bags and this one is so cute!...I would leave it as is. Love the fabric too!

Vintage Girl/Marivel said...

I love your bag ,fabric,etc.
The bag is perfect for girls.You can make your collection bags for girls.Good work.Congratulations.

antmee said...

Thanks for the comments. I really like your idea Laura and will keep it in mind. I will leave bag as is and try something on the other three bags I stupidly cut out before sewing one and seeing the results! lol