Thursday, January 26, 2012

5 cent scrap of fabric

During my weekly tour of the local op shops, I was lucky to spot a wee scrap of fabric that has two beautiful horses on it.  Horse fabric is so hard to find and to find this scrap and only costing 5 cents was like winning lotto.

I am not horse mad by the way.  I had horse mad friends growing up and did try to learn how to ride. Unfortunately one of my friend's had a fat and obese horse named "Star" who deliberately stood on my foot and refused to move.  Nearly broke a bone in my foot.  I chose motorbikes thereafter.

My school mate is now my sister in law and had passed her mad fetish onto my darling niece Becky.  So the fabric had to be "got" and a bag made.
Here it is:

A little close up

Interior with another horse on the pocket

Check out the handle on this bag.  I also scored a wooden belt  and turned it into the bag handle.  Compliments the cowboy/ country look doesn't it?

This wild duck followed me up and down the riverbank while I was looking for a great photo spot for my bag.  Looking to be fed?  Or is he after his 15 seconds of fame on a blog?  He (or she) is rather cute!  Sadly for him/her I will not feed wildlife.  They need to learn to look after themselves!  Tough love!

Bag pattern information:

This bag was made using a free bag pattern shared by Keyka of Keyka Lou - The sewing blog.  She also generously allows home crafters to make a few to sell on their stalls etc.  I am planning on making one or two to sell using some "African animal" fabric I found with lions, zebras, cheetahs and a giraffe. 

Kind regards and HAPPY AUSTRALIA DAY!

Friday, January 20, 2012

Looking forward to this year 2012

Why am I looking forward to a year that has every "doom Sayer" predicting is going to end? 

The huge solar flare that is going to hit Earth approx Dec 20th.

I am looking forward to the possibility that the flare will cause a huge  "Aurora australis" that can easily be seen by many on the main land.  Aboriginal folklore of the "Great Rainbow Serpent" may be the retelling of the indigenous witnessing this great event hundreds of years ago.

Not looking forward to the possible heat wave though.  Make sure you look after the elderly, sick and very young with plenty of water etc.  And batteries for the youngsters in case power goes out, internet down, (no facebook for awhile!!) lol.

To sewing:

I have got a few projects finished!  Hurray!  One of the projects I enjoyed making the most was some "thank you gifts".  A lovely couple who live on the Eyre Peninsula in South Australia helped my in-laws out when they broke down returning from holidays.

I made them a wristlet and a couple of peg bags.  Not knowing the lovely people in person made deciding what to make them difficult.  I decided on pouches and peg bags as they can be  used to store a lot of different things.  A work mate uses a peg bag that I made as a sock holder in her wardrobe.

I got a new camera and I haven't learnt how to use it properly yet!  I didn't know it was still on special effects mode when I was rushed to take these pictures until the items were on the road 900km away.

Looks lovely in real mode.  Blues, reds and black.  If I find the scraps will post pic of fabric!

Pouches were from a Heather Bailey pouch tutorial from the book called "Signature Styles".  I purchased mine at www.Can Do

Looks like the owls are sneaking a peek.

Last year was a terrible year for a lot of people.  My FIL got very sick, my SIL had a heart attack and in a coma, my daughters cat got bitten by a snake and the news on TV was tragedy after tragedy.  I didn't feel much like blogging as I didn't have many happy things to say!  I sewed though and got through 2011.

I hope 2012 is a good one for all of us and I will have plenty of happy things to blog about.

Hugs to everyone.