Saturday, February 20, 2010

"hey mum! Can you make me, take me, bake me........"

I know it's nice to be needed but can life slow down a little bit and leave some time for me?  I run around after the kids so much helping them manage their lives that there is only scraps of time left to go my thing.

But I do love the sewing jobs they ask me to do!  An example would be simple pencil cases like this one.......

 So simple to make.  I will have to show you how simple these are to make one day.  They are so simple I am not sure if it would be considered sewing.

I like making them because you can run amok artistically on the embellishing side of things.  Even though on this pirate one I wasn't able to as it was a custom order from my son.  He went on a spending spree of stationary supplies for school and then realized when he got home that he didn't have a pencil case for all the pens he got.  I offered to make one and he asked for the pirate and for it be done by Monday morning (it was Friday night).  They take 10 minutes to sew once the fabric and zipper is found.

Another little project is this rice bag I made for my mum.  The fabric was found in a thrift shop for a dollar (about 2metres worth) and the rose was cut from a pillow case from same op shop.

I made a few actually.  One for mum, MIL, and prev MIL.  Easy peasy projects that give almost instant gratification!


Kiyutsu said...

wow, mum that pencil case turned out awesome! I bet Bro loves it! :) Oh yeah I finally got into my blog and fixed it so now you can comment AND follow! :)
Love you

I Purr-Furr to Craft said...

lovely job all around!

Merry said...

Busy lady with such wonderful projects.

vintage girl/cristaliDesigns said...

all lovely.
Ready,girl ,
come to my giveaway,please.

Melissa said...

They are all great! Don't you love finding fabric like that at the thrift store! I have vowed to work from my stash for as long as possible and not going to the thrift store is killing me!