Thursday, July 15, 2010

A little bit of crafting

I finished my daughter's socks/slippers!  She says they are "deliciously warm".
While it's so freezingly cold Down Under I will be making as many as I can.  All depends on whether the op shops will have anymore jumpers for sale once it gets out how easy these things are to make!

I had to wash my slippers that I made out of 100% felted lambswool.  I was nervous that they would felt even more and that the flowers might be damaged.  As you can see below that they turned out fine.  So yes you can just throw them in the wash.

I was reading Kristen's blog So Happy and was quite taken with her cute pincushions.  I had a little play with some scraps myself and was quite satisfied with the enjoyment of sewing linen and cute scraps.  I love the things Kristen makes and often feel a craving to make some.  Her fabric baskets are truly inspiring and she has a tutorial for them  :)

Naomi from Nome's brag-a-long knows I like doing self covered buttons and sent me an email with the link to a tutorial.  This tute shows you how to make the self covered buttons without buying a kit.  You make everything yourself with stuff found in your home.  Michele from Michele Made Me is the talented lady of this tutorial which you can find here.  My first button made from the tute!

Off to make my bags!  When I am done there will be lots to show you.  I might take mystery shots of my bags as I make them just to tease you.  I have been teased myself by many bloggers! lol


Laura said...

Good Morning!
Your socks are so cute! Thanks for sharing with us!

Melissa said...

As it is going to be 90 degrees here today, I am not appreciating fully the warm fuzziness of your socks, but I sure can appreciate the fact that they are darned cute! I think that I might be reconsidering their other qualities six months from now, too! Kristen's pin cushions were cute and you sure did them justice! And that Naomi! Queen of the tutes, don't you know!

Cyndi said...

Oh Kylie, those socks are adorable. And since Melissa and I both live in Ohio, I have to echo her comments. But truly, in six months, I'll be wishing I had a pair! :o)

And your pincushions are just too, too cute! You did a great job on them. Can't wait to see those bags!



Kristen said...

Soo cute! I love the one with the birdie. Cute buttons. Check out Bustle and Sew's freebies she has very cute embroidery buttons.

Merry said...

What terrific looking socks and love your pincushions. Thanks for the links...I like the sound of making your own buttons without a kit.

Karen said...

They look deliciously warm socks. Love the applique/embellishments.
Great pin cushions too.

Angela said...

I was dreaming about jumping into a big pile of snow today!!! It is soooo hot here! Love the socks though! I will be trying the button cute!

Kiyutsu said...

Wearing my sock now mum :) Love the pin cushions. dont believe you ever showed those to me.
love you :)

Beeshebags said...

I'm glad you could make use of it Kylie....share and share alike I say. Hugs Naomi

Sammy said...

I love these socks, and the pin cushions. they are so cute. Thanks for sharing.

- Samya

Donna said...

I love the stuff you make Antmee--especially your buttons and your bags. I hope to see some new ones soon!

Donna @ Comin' Home

PROJETOS - Cláudia Kimura said...

Que lindo o seu blog!