Monday, September 6, 2010

Casserole Cozy

I havn't blogged on my sewing blog for a while and here's a picture to show you why.  I have actually been sewing!  WooHoo!!

I am sorry to be a traitor to that saying that women are talented multi taskers but I can't quite operate a sewing machine with one hand and type on the computer with the other!  lol.  With the limited spare time I have lately I have chosen to sew.

Red spotty casserole cozy made using the tutorial from Dixie Doodles.  A very easy tutorial to follow. 

Here is a shot of the casserole cozy flat.  Just in case someone wants to see it flat! lol

A little look at the applique.  Technique used is "freestyle".  It's an excellent applique technique for slackers like me!! :)

I have also been making some lavender sachets.  I won't show them until they are 100% finished.  They are just waiting for the lavender I nicked from my brothers garden to dry so they can be filled and then closed.   They are extremely pretty and I can't wait to show them!


Kiyutsu said...

Way to go mum, I love the cassarole cozy its so KAWAII!! (cute in Japanese) Gotta make some more cassaroles now ;P *hint hint

Laura said...

Good Morning!
This is so cute! You did such a nice job...especially on the applique! I have a pattern for a square casserole holder...but hadn't seen the round one...I love it! You have inspired me to try one!
Have a blessed day,

jane p said...

The freestyle applique is very lovely. I'm very into applique right now. But for me, I find freestyle applique requires far more discipline than a structured one. Strange right?

Cyndi said...

Oh Kylie, that casserole cozy is just too cute, and so very useful, too! I love it! I just might have to go grab that tutorial and make some for gifts!!! And I can't wait to see your lavender sachets! :o)



Sew Loquacious Angela said...

Great job! I might have to give that tute a try as well...but then do I have to make casseroles???LOL! I love your applique method! I'm a slacker, too!

Sammy said...

This is beautiful. I really love the applique.


-Samya :-)

Beeshebags said...

Well done hun. I haven't forgotten about you, just been sick, but am kind of feeling better now, so will pull my finger out and get back to communicating more!

How trendy are you? Dots are in this Your casserole dish is soooooo with it girlfriend!


Christy said...

I need me one of those!!! And one to carry longer lasange style dishes in too!

aydan said...

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