Thursday, December 16, 2010

This is what being busy does to me

I end up with a lot of unfinished projects!

I was so tired the night before last that I wasted the night just browsing the internet.  This activity always leads to being inspired by talented people!

The next day I couldn't get this out of my head and so during a 2 hour lunch break, I drove home and started a messenger bag with this stencil design.  You can see the tuturial for a pouch and link for the converse shoe stencil here.

A few days ago I was browsing Japanese sites (again) and craved my own little pouch.  I didn't have the Japanese craft book and so had to create my own pattern.  I am amazed my measurements worked out the first time!

The above pouch is still waiting for the lining.  I have cut out half and it's sitting on it.

The Japanese site browsing also lead to the start of this pouch!  I used the pattern I made for the previous pouch to make this one.

I love the cute little tail out the back!  I am hopefully hand stitching in the zipper today.

I have to stitch some toes onto his paws, which is going to be fiddly because they are so small.

Yes!!  The parade of unfinished projects hasn't stopped yet!  This is a handbag I have made using a pattern I created myself!  My mum called the fabric I used 'Burlap'.  I haven't the foggiest idea.  It was a scrap I found in a op shop.  Its lined with the fabric the flower is made from.  It has a magnetic snap and boy is it a strong one.  I would love to know how to take the excess power away from magnetic snaps.

While I was making my bag flower, I couldn't stop and made some more out of scraps.

So many unfinished projects made while  I was making  the swaps!   Well, I had to have breaks!  They are all close to being finished.  Except for the messenger bag I started yesterday at lunch.

Here's a finished swap I have sent off.  She has it now so I can show it off.

She said she loves the colour green and earthly things.  She also loves practical things and I remember reading on her blog that she is into the bird theme.  Hope she likes it.

Cute!  I always make my best stuff when I am making it for other people!

Merry Christmas!


Melissa said...

Aren't you the busy one? Everything is soooo cute!!

jane p said...

Gosh, you've done as much as me. The kanzashi flowers are really nice. I tried making them ones but they are so much work. Did I read correctly? You're handsewing the zipper? You must be so patient. To take away the magnetic force, use a smaller magnetic snap. I really dislike the powerful ones as they easily rip out the fabric.

Karen said...

Great 'finishes'! Love your pouch. Jealous of the zipper. Your kitty is so cute. Even though I did heaps of zippers in my pouches it didn't cure me of my fear.

sue niven said...

love your work, especially the kitty! I adore cats! Merry Christmas to you, and happy blogging!

nattyj said...

I do! I adore my casserole holder, it's me to a tee! Thank you once again.

Maite - vitoma said...

Muy bonitos y originales todos tus trabajos.

Kristen said...

I can't decide which ones are my favorites! They are all so cute and fabulous! The cat is adorable.

Vintage Girl/Marivel said...

lovely work...
All are my favorites.I adore the fabric 'burlap'.
congratulations.Happy holidays.

Billie said...

Love your kitty pouch, you do such nice work. You inspire me, hopefully I'll get back to crafting this week, I'm off work for the next two weeks!

Donna said...

Oh Antmee! You are just astonishing! I ADORE those Flowers!!! Oh my goodness, I want to make some so bad. And your kitty bag is just darling! I'm so sorry I've lost touch with you. I don't know why for anything.

I wanted to drop by and tell you Merry Christmas. Have a lovely holiday!

Donna @ Comin' Home

Merry said...

Oh wow so many gorgeous creations and your sewing is so neat and tidy. Can't pick a favourite as they are all so good. Happy New Year to you and your family.