Friday, July 30, 2010

I still can't believe it!

I won Cyndi from Bluebirdswing's July giveaway!  

She included some extras!!

Some pretty cards!  I love cherries!

Sticky notes!  I will be sticky noting myself all over the house!

Last but definitely not least.  A strap made by Cyndi.  I love it!  I already have come up with a ton of uses for it.

Now I am going back to play with the jelly roll I won.  It's droolable I tell you!  My teenage son also has been stroking the side of the roll!  He loves the fluffy feel of it.  But he can't understand why its called a "Jelly Roll".  He says it "Looks nothing like jelly Mum!"

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Little blue handbag.

This bag looks like it could be a great bag. I really like how it turned out except for the handles. Too short!!!! I think I did an oopsie. The pattern did look small and I did wonder if it needed enlarging but couldn't see that mentioned anywhere.  What I did see was a statement saying that the bag measures  ....input some figures as I have forgotten.........I measured the pattern and it fit the measurements stated.  But I think I misinterpreted WHERE I should have been measuring from!!!

My fault! I am really mad at myself because I also tried to be clever and cut out four of these bags before making up the first to see how things go!!!!

Please help me and advise me on what I can do to salvage this poor bag.  The only idea I can think of  is to cut off the handle and add a tab and one of those circle O rings to try and lengthen the straps.

I wanted to show the lining as well. Beautiful blue. I think I love the colour blue!! :)

I will leave you with some fantastic news!  Well it's fantastic to me because the postie arrived today.

I wasn't even expecting a parcel for another week and was extremely surprised to find my parcel from Cyndi of Bluebirdswing had arrived.!!

The postie also thought he would tell me I have had another package delivered and left in my carport.  On closer inspection he was pointing to a bag of potting mix I picked up earlier from Bunnings!!  I am still shaking my head and muttering WTF over that one.  He also took my "Wow!  That was quick!" comment about the parcel arriving so soon as personal praise!  As if he was the only kog in the postal delivery service from the good US of A to Australia!! lol

I will post about Cyndi's package and what was in it tomorrow.  I spent too long touching and drooling over the goodies she sent and am now too tied to post anymore.  I think my night owl of a hubby has beat me to bed.  Not good!!  He snores and I have to fall asleep first!! lol


Thursday, July 15, 2010

A little bit of crafting

I finished my daughter's socks/slippers!  She says they are "deliciously warm".
While it's so freezingly cold Down Under I will be making as many as I can.  All depends on whether the op shops will have anymore jumpers for sale once it gets out how easy these things are to make!

I had to wash my slippers that I made out of 100% felted lambswool.  I was nervous that they would felt even more and that the flowers might be damaged.  As you can see below that they turned out fine.  So yes you can just throw them in the wash.

I was reading Kristen's blog So Happy and was quite taken with her cute pincushions.  I had a little play with some scraps myself and was quite satisfied with the enjoyment of sewing linen and cute scraps.  I love the things Kristen makes and often feel a craving to make some.  Her fabric baskets are truly inspiring and she has a tutorial for them  :)

Naomi from Nome's brag-a-long knows I like doing self covered buttons and sent me an email with the link to a tutorial.  This tute shows you how to make the self covered buttons without buying a kit.  You make everything yourself with stuff found in your home.  Michele from Michele Made Me is the talented lady of this tutorial which you can find here.  My first button made from the tute!

Off to make my bags!  When I am done there will be lots to show you.  I might take mystery shots of my bags as I make them just to tease you.  I have been teased myself by many bloggers! lol

Thursday, July 8, 2010

So Happy giveaway!


Kristen from So Happy is having a giveaway!  Not only do you get the chance to win the Moda fabric above but also some:

Greet the Day in Aqua and Red of the Early Bird collection from Cosmo Cricket fabric.  

AND!  A choice of one from her cute pincushions!

Good Luck!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Felt scraps

Awhile ago now, I was  lucky to find a bag of scraps of felt for $1 at a thrift store.  Real good quality felt in a huge range of colours.  Even though they were scraps, they were decent sized scraps!

I have been using them to make flowers.  See my sock slippers here for the flowers.  I have made this monkey and started a blue one and a brown one.  I got the "recipe" from an address on the internet that doesn't seem to exist anymore.  Good thing I printed out the instructions for future reference!

Speaking of printing out stuff and the guilty feelings about wasting trees using paper.  Well!  When my hubby complained about companies not giving out printed manuals anymore for electronic stuff and giving CD's instead to read via PC, I told him that they are just being "environmentally friendly" and saving trees.  My hubby laughed at me and said that using a computer uses a lot of energy eg a lot of coal burning, mining for coal etc.  It made me stop and think that yes maybe we are being blind with tunnel vision on environmental issues. 

We say we care about the environment and try to conserve paper to protect trees (still a good thing)  but we have homes and workplaces full of power hungry appliances that we never unplug even when they are not being used.
I, from now on, will be more conservative with my power use which I currently waste.  Right now I am in my dining room writing this post, while in my sewing room I know my sewing machine is on and its light aglow!  My touch lamp beside my bed is most likely on.  The TV is on in the lounge and no one is in there watching it!  "My bad!". 

PS the address for monkey is:
Just in case someone has skills and can find this page.

Friday, July 2, 2010

In Memory

15.12.1994 - 2.7.2003

Remembering the fun times with such sweet sorrow.
Miss you Antmee