Sunday, July 4, 2010

Felt scraps

Awhile ago now, I was  lucky to find a bag of scraps of felt for $1 at a thrift store.  Real good quality felt in a huge range of colours.  Even though they were scraps, they were decent sized scraps!

I have been using them to make flowers.  See my sock slippers here for the flowers.  I have made this monkey and started a blue one and a brown one.  I got the "recipe" from an address on the internet that doesn't seem to exist anymore.  Good thing I printed out the instructions for future reference!

Speaking of printing out stuff and the guilty feelings about wasting trees using paper.  Well!  When my hubby complained about companies not giving out printed manuals anymore for electronic stuff and giving CD's instead to read via PC, I told him that they are just being "environmentally friendly" and saving trees.  My hubby laughed at me and said that using a computer uses a lot of energy eg a lot of coal burning, mining for coal etc.  It made me stop and think that yes maybe we are being blind with tunnel vision on environmental issues. 

We say we care about the environment and try to conserve paper to protect trees (still a good thing)  but we have homes and workplaces full of power hungry appliances that we never unplug even when they are not being used.
I, from now on, will be more conservative with my power use which I currently waste.  Right now I am in my dining room writing this post, while in my sewing room I know my sewing machine is on and its light aglow!  My touch lamp beside my bed is most likely on.  The TV is on in the lounge and no one is in there watching it!  "My bad!". 

PS the address for monkey is:
Just in case someone has skills and can find this page.


Cyndi said...

Absolutely love that little monkey! Too, too cute!! And I know exactly what you mean about the environmental issues. I really try to make sure I turn off lights and unused appliances - tvs, radios, etc. - when I'm not actively using them. But I also know that there is a lot more I should and can do, and really need to practice what I preach!

Thanks for reminding me!



Merry said...

This monkey is too cute.

jane p said...

The monkey looks sad. You got a good deal on your scraps if you can make the monkey with it. My biggest prob with wastage is when I'm sewing I leave the iron on because I need to press the seams open and I don't want to keep turning the iron on and off.

Karen said...

He? is a cutie.

Vintage Girl/Marivel said...

ooh so sweet !

Fine Hand said...

love the little face on this guy! makes me go awwwww cute!

Sammy said...

My daughter loves that monkey, so do I. Something about that face makes all warm and happy. Actually I have to tell you about the story of my daughter and her stuffed monkey. My daughter has a ten years old stuffed monkey called Bongo. Bongo came with us every where , he came with us to England, Egypt, and Canada ( you see him in all the pictures, sight seeing !!!) To her he feels like any one of us. Bongo has a blog of his own with followers and admirers. My daughter is 21 years of age , and a senior in the university ( How she does it , beats me!-)

-Samya :-)