Tuesday, July 10, 2012

checking in


This past week has flown by in a blur!  It always does when my boss goes off on holidays and I have more work days than I normally am use to.  

Believe it or not but I managed to sneak in a bit of crafting.  Still not 100% finished as first I ran out of thread.  Then, I ran out of light (the sun has been hiding behind the darkest clouds).  Also it's cold and wet.  So I have been in front of the heater (again) with a few hand sewing/ stuffing projects.

But I have no pictures of them as my days have been regimented into:

1) get up and go to work early in the morning.
2) come home 5.30pm and tiredly think about whats for dinner.
3) Order takeaway because I am too tired and nobody else wants to cook.
4) Veg out in front of heater as its freezing cold.
5) Flake out at 9.00pm and get shooed off to bed.

Doing this everyday.

One miracle or blessing for me was the pile of dirty dishes that had stacked up by the sink were magically washed clean!!!!  "Whats going on here?" I thought to myself.  Also "What has he done/wrecked that needs this big suck up?".  Nothing as it turned out.  Must just be that love thing again.

I promise some photo's as soon as the sun gives me a little bit of light. (Not of the washed dishes or that love thing..sorry.  Just the crafts I have been doing)

I do have a bag that I made a few weeks ago and never got around to blogging about because I am not that happy with it.  Its too small to be any use to me.  Really, its about the size of a pencil case and should have a zip closure not a flap.

What I do like about this bag is what the flap is made out of.

My old sofa!  Yes I love recycling and when I couldn't keep my extremely comfortable sofa any more because it was becoming very worn out, I cut off and kept all the good bits of vinyl, calico, and stuffing.  Very soft fluffy stuffing for my softies and the calico will become some dolls.  The wooden frame is looking like it may become a mobile hen house!

So don't throw away your lounge suit.  There is a crafter's delight hiding inside.

Monday, July 2, 2012

My little nest

Thanks everyone for the well wishes.  I'm not doing too badly because this cold has given me a couple days off work.  I have spent that time in front of the heater doing a little bit of sewing or reading those new craft books I got in the mail the other day.

This is one spot I have been hanging out.  Either watching tv or reading my 5 new craft books.  The books are fabulous.  One is Wee Wonderful's book.  It's  full of softies to make.  The other is Hop Skip Jumps softies book.  So many cute projects just asking/begging me to stop what I am doing and start something new.  I am trying to be tough and finish off some stuff that's been hanging around for ages unfinished.


I have also been nesting in front of this heater doing some crafty stuff.  Mostly I have been making a mess with bits and pieces scattered over the floor.  Also reading Melly and Me's softie book to finish off Bella Boo.

Bella Boo.  She is so sweet and a wonderful softie to make.  I used some soft flannel fabric for her body.  I found it in an op shop years ago and the scrap was too small to make any baby clothes with.  Perfect for Bella Boo.

She has gone off with my cousins little girl.  Most of my softies fly the coup really early.  I guess that's good right?  I just would like one or two for myself but can't say no to any little tacker that wants to take one home!

Gotta go and curl up on my sofa.  Hubby's putting Farscape on to watch.