Sunday, January 9, 2011

Sewing disaster

Look closely.

After all the sewing and hand stitching of applique  for a supposedly quick project I held the iron down on the hem a bit too long.  OOps!  Scorched the hem.  Never burnt a thing before in my life (except dinner and maybe myself!).

Oh well!  It's only a hand towel that won't last long around my family!  I am pretty sure the guys in the house don't dry their hands with towels but wash themselves with them!  The towels get so grubby so quickly it drives me nuts.

Here's pretty while it lasts!

Can you see the scorch mark on the spotty hemline just under the apple?
I have washed and washed the towel but the scorch mark remains.

I wonder if technology has come up with an iron that has sensors in it to tell idiots like me to lift off the iron?  Maybe just one that chants "focus" may help my drifting mind!  At least it wasn't on the quilt I am cutting out!


nima said...

towel looks lovely...damage is not very visible

Biżuteria z filcu said...

so sweet :)
great job :)

beangirl said...

I don't see it (and it's very cute!). But if it's really bugging you, I think there's some sort of "home remedy" for scorch marks... except that I can't remember what it is. But you might try googling it (I have the vague idea it involves making a paste of something or other, but of what I have no idea).

Kristen said...

Hide this towel from them! It is so cute!! I can't even see the mark either.

Can't wait to see the quilt you are working on!

Melissa said...

I think the towel is fine! Nice that you got to make something for yourself!

Sew Loquacious Angela said...

The towel is super cute. I love the apple theme! No one will ever notice the burn mark...promise!

PootleFlump said...

I love it! (I cant see any marks on it TBH.) Love your new blog look too. Very nice! x

Cyndi said...

Oh Kylie, that towel is so precious! And I'll bet that if you don't tell anyone, they won't notice it. I didn't even see it until you pointed it out. And if someone does say something, just tell them that you used vintage fabric and it's supposed to look like that! :o)



Sammy said...

It is a beautiful towel. I love the colors and the retro style. Well done.


-Samya :-)

jane p said...

I can't see any marks because I'm distracted by the cute apple! And yes, there is a technology for not scorching your clothes. It's called counting in your head. 1,2,3,4,5 move iron.

Karen said...

When you do something like that right at the end doesn't it just put you right off the project. Did you make up the pattern yourself? My sister crochets the top but i am so hopless at doing that a fabric alternarive might be better for me. I love my hand towels in the kitchen. There is nothing worse than working in a kitchen and after you wash your hands there is nowhere to dry them (except on your clothes).

Donna said...

I"m sorry..I can't see it at all! Love the cute towel hanger! So darling!! You might like to see my fabric shower curtain. I made it for a friend and posted a tutorial today.

Those are the cutest towels for a kitchen I have ever seen. How can you bear to let the guys use them?!


Kirks Korner said...

Your last sentences made me laugh. I know everyone has said this but you can barely see the scorch. Besides the overall cuteness of the hand towel outweighs the mistake. :)


Maite - vitoma said...

Qué lastima despues de hacer todo el trabajo que ocurra algo así.
Bonito trabajo.

Cathy said...

cute towel ;-)
thanks for leaving a comment on my blog ;-)

Beeshebags said...

THe only suggestion I can think of to try on the scorch marks is lemon juice....straight from a lemon not out of a bottle...think the pulpy bits help....and some carb soda and leave it out in the sun...although if it's raining it probably won't work! When the carb soda has dried up, wash and see if it works....other than that, scream, kick your legs up and down and pout until the 'guys' have used it a couple of times, and then the scorch marks will be a thing of the dim and distant past. Hope you're safe and dry up there hun. Hugs Naomi