Friday, March 25, 2011


I got some shocking and disturbing news last week.    My father's, sister's great grandson who is only 7 years old has been diagnosed with a brain tumour.  We don't have much info yet as half of Dad's siblings stayed living in England while the rest of the family migrated to Australia in the early 50's.

What is shocking,  is that this is the third child in our family to be diagnosed with pediatric cancer.  My son, as I have previously posted was diagnosed with a cancerous brain tumour called Medulloblastoma when he was 6 years old and my sisters youngest was diagnosed (two years before my son) with Acute Lymphatic Leukemia when she was 7 years old.  We are all wondering if this is all an awfully shocking coincidence or if some sinster mutation has affected our childrens DNA.

I feel really bad hoping that the child in England has a different brain tumour to Medulloblastoma.  If he has the same, how are they going to feel knowing that a child in our family suffered poorly with it and didn't survive.  What if the family want me to give support?  I don't feel I would be the best person for that because I cant give postives.  My son died.

I can only give info on what went wrong in my sons treatment and advise them on what to look out for, but really I would like for them to have a positive feeling that their child is going to live.

My hands are shaking as I write this.  I keep getting flashbacks.  The unresolved anger at certain professionals keeps coming back.  I keep planning on writing a letter to those people to let them know how they made me feel and that what they did was not right and maybe they wont make the same mistakes again.  But I never write the letter.  The anger subsides again.  I make excuses for them eg understaffed, no department head, unprecedented new cases of childhood cancer being diagnosed etc.

I haven't had any paid work this week to take me out and keep me occupied and feel really too flat to visit friends (plus they are mostly at work anyway) and I feel no motivation to do anything at home.  The house is a mess and needs my sole attention at the moment but not tonight.  Tonight I am visiting Mr Jim Beam.

 2011 is a bad year.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Rushed, unplanned birthday gift.

Front of pot holder

Back of pot holder
A pot holder I made.  I wasn't planning on making any potholders and they definitely were not on my 'things to do' list.  What was on my list of things to do was finish off those bunny softies from previous post.

I had decided to find something on tv to watch while I hand-stitched the bunnies faces, but just as I sat down with my tools and was ready to start, my daughters friend came to me and said:

"Aunty Kylie!  It's my mum's birthday today and I have no money to buy her a gift!  Could we make her a heart or something?"

Goodbye hand-stitching, hello surfing internet and browsing my craft books to find something to make.  Something quick.

These potholders from Martha Stewart fit the bill.  The only down side was that by the time we found a project and selected some fabric from my stash, I didn't have much time left before her mother arrived to pick her up.

I rushed the binding and just managed to take a quick photo before her mother made it out of the car and knocked on the door.

I am working again this weekend so plan on having a sewing day today, hand-stitching in front of the tv.  Front door is locked, phone is off the hook and my mobile has been buried inside the linen closet!  Maybe I should park my car in the next street over just in case?

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Cute bunny softies

I just love this softie pattern freebie by Jenny from the Allsorts blog.  It is so easy to make and the result is so cute!  She even has a tutorial and pattern for the little dress.

I am making a few of these because they are so cute and I wanted to help out a fellow blogger's "Huggles for Kids" QLD flood appeal.  Alas I am too slow and have missed the boat for that one.  I started in late January but the softies I was making then were a bit of a disaster.  A pic below will show you the uninspiring mess I was making.

I realized while making these softies that windcheating fabric does not make good softies!  Well not this type.   Will paint some kind of face on these guys, make them some clothes and add ears or hair and see if they are good enough to send to Leanne for her on going Huggles for Kids campaign.

Hopefully if I pull my finger out, I can get all these guys finished and posted off to Leanne for  her next delivery.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

pretty pouch and paper flower thingy

I have been laughing a lot the past three days and thought I would write a really funny post, but alas, zilch.  The minute I sat down to write in my blog I got a blank mind!  So it's just my sewing news today.

I think nearly running over a drunk that staggered out into the road in front of my car and also the wind ripping my car door out of my hands and knocking into the car next to mine, might have something to do with the laughter fading away today.

Also getting told off for committing a small act of kindness towards some strangers really wiped the smile off my face.

But guess what makes me happy?

Sewing this pouch made me happy!  A beautiful free pattern, with a clear tutorial, from Skip to My Lou.  I made a few at Christmas for gifts but forgot to take pictures!

The flower is a little project I found in this book.  It uses a toilet roll for the petals.  Pretty paper is glued to the toilet roll before 'slices' are cut out and semi flattened into the petal shapes.  Tissue paper is used to cover the petals and then its decorated as desired.  I am going to thread beads onto mine and hang it from the window.  I think it will look pretty with a cluster of these all hanging at different lengths.