Saturday, January 1, 2011

Japanese Dilly Bag: with link to make your own

I have been in love with Japanese crafting for quite awhile now and I found a 'you beaut' tutorial on the net for a Japanese Dilly Bag.  It was easy and could be made to any size you need. 

Only takes two pieces of fabric 40x40cm.  A bit of Japanese origami folding is needed but the tutorial has clear pictures of each step.  It is written in Japanese, but the pics are really easy to follow.

A close up of the flower.  A Japanese fabric folding flower!  These flowers are great at using up scraps of fabric.

A side view.  If you want to have a go at this bag, the tutorial can be found here.  It's quick and pretty as well.  UPDATE:  link no longer works.  New link here.

It's my birthday today and guess what I got?

Jess (my daughter) gave me Wii fit for my birthday and it calculated my weight as overweight (no surprise) and my fitness age at 57!!!!  Yes 57!!!!  Bloody insulted on my birthday!!!.  But it doesn't stop there!  lol  Oh no the birthday gift keeps on giving!  The blasted machine goes on to say I am unbalanced!  My daughter and I had a load of laughs!

My dearest hubby gave me a Dyson dc29 for my birthday.  I connected the parts together, pressed start and got zapped with a big bolt of electricity!
I thought 'wow' my birthday gifts are really giving me a good time! lol

My other half explained the electricity as a static charge that most likely built up because of the oily film coating new appliances and wont persist.  I hope so because I really love these gifts!  One will get me fitter and the other will clean my carpets better.

Year 2011 is the year of a fitter me!


jane p said...

Happy Birthday! What a great day to be born! In Singapore if you're born on 1st Jan, you get to enter primary one 1 year early! Strange, right? How did your husband get away with giving you a vacuum cleaner? I have a dyson too! I love it because it doesn't use bags and able to withstand abuse.

Cyndi said...

Hi Kylie! Happy, Happy Birthday my friend! I wish I had known earlier that today was your birthday....but it's never too late for good wishes! You did get some wonderful gifts...hubby keeps promising me a Wii Fit but as I've been waiting for over a year, I'm joining a gym today. This is going to be my year for a "fitter" me, too! :o)

By the way, I love your Dilly's adorable!

Have a wonderful day, and I'm sending wishes for your best New Year ever!



SoozeM said...

Happy birthday!! Hope you had a lovely day! I have a dyson and love it, works great on the hard floors too, and picks up threads from carpet like a dream! I should get my wii fit out again, I haven't used it in about 12 months and it shows LOL!

Mare said...

happy birthday!!!....

Laura said...

Happy New Year and Happy Birthday! Wow! What a cause for celebration! And, by the way, I LOVE the little bag you made...I make a folded bag that is somewhat similiar...but I'm going to try yours out this week!
Have a blessed Sunday,

Kristen said...

Happy Birthday! The Dyson will last you forever and pick up so much more than a regular vacuum.

Here's to getting fit! Don't believe that silly game! :)

Sammy said...

Happy Birthday, and Happy new year.


-Samya :-)

Karen said...

Happy Birthday!!! Love to hear how you go with the Wii fit. it seems like you have an electrifying birthday! The japanese bag is gorgeous.

Merry said...

Happy Happy Birthday....same day as my hubbies. :-)
What wonderful gifts although a little insulting and shocking. I am sure you will enjoy both. So love your Japanese dilly bag....beautiful fabrics.