Friday, July 29, 2011

shabby chic bag

Hello to anyone still reading my blog! I thank you for your patience!  I am finally getting a blog post up about one of the bags I have been making recently!

Due to my getting side tracked reading some fantastic blogs tonight (again!!), I am having to keep my blog post short and to the point.

The point is just this bag.  Isn't it lovely?  To all the recyclers out there... this bag in its entirety is made from recycled/ vintage goods. (oops, except interfacing).  The main fabric is a interior fabric swatch I found one day and the flap is a vintage embroidered doily found while op-shopping.

The lining is some pretty floral fabric scrap picked up from a garage sale awhile ago, while the bag handle was a great vintage find and finishes off the bag quite nicely.

Cheers for now.  Will be back soon with pics of another bag.  Plus some tea towels I appliqued and room shoes I made for a friend.  I've got to take the photos first but the skies are grey, grey and more grey!!!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

sorry guys/gals

I haven't posted for awhile and just want to write a quick note to let you know that I haven't been kidnapped or killed.  I have been ill.  The doc's opinion is its Ross River Virus.  I have only just had the test  and am still waiting for results.  Alas, testing at the time of getting crook is useless as 'ross river' takes up to six weeks to show up.

Feeling achy and tired.  My eyesight is deteriorating and can be depressing for crafty people who like to hand sew!  I am finding it rather difficult to focus up close.  Doctor diagnosed me with 'Surfer's Eye'.  Not internet surfer but wind surfers.  I have sun and wind damage.  Playing on the internet does make my eye go blood shot really quickly so have tried to give my eye a break from the computer for most stuff except quick email stuff and facebook keeping in touch stuff.  My eye became much improved with pain and redness from the break.!

But I have made some bags!!  and will take some photos soon as I find my camera!

Take care.  I am going to try and have a massive catchup on everyones blog real soon (and most likely cause my eye to play up and become sore again!)  I am going to have a beeper near my PC to remind me to have a huge break after 30 mins. maybe sooner.  Or program my PC to shut down after 30 mins/hour and not let me back on till I have had a break!  Any opinions?  Does anyone else have eye problems that using a computer worsens?