Thursday, October 13, 2011

I still sew...

Hi, just a quick post to say "hello" and keep my blog active....sort of!  I have been very busy with un-craft related things (boo hoo :( . but have manged to make this bag in small (desperate to sew) blocks of time! 

It's one of the wonderful bag pattern freebies that use to be offered by "Oh Fransson".  I don't understand why its not offered anymore.  A lot of free patterns are being taken off the free list and put up later for sale.  Is the GFC to blame for this???

Amongst other things I have been on holiday in the beautiful seaside town of Streaky Bay, South Australia.  Might do a post on it once the hell of a holiday fades and the family and I can finally laugh about it.

I went on this holiday with my hubby and about 30 members of his family!  The logistics of holidaying with so many and planning the days, ensuring no one gets left behind in the caravan park on fishing trips defies belief.  Also just following the car in front with no idea where you are heading for is just plain silly!  People got cut off from the convoy and then lost!!!  Plan your holidays better than we did, folks or just camp close to home.  Streaky Bay is about 830km from home.  Way too far!

Anyway, enough about that.  I am off for some much needed therapy!  In my sewing room of course!  (just borrowed the "One Metre Wonders" book from the library and it looks awesome!)