Sunday, November 22, 2009

Sew Sunny Homestyle

Got a couple of craft/sewing books lately.  The above book by Tone Finnanger is my fourth by this talented designer.  It is the thickest yet.  Jam packed full of patterns! Yeah!  My favourites in the book are the animal softies.  I will take a pic of my "projects to do" from this book as soon as camera battery charges and I have no work commitments.

I am in a softies phase lately but I also go through bag making phases and kitchen accessories phases too.  I can feel a hat making phase just around the corner so watch out for my creations of  caps and cloches.

This hat phase was triggered during the heat wave and I had to purchase fish and chips for tea as it was too hot to cook.  While at the servo waiting for our tea, I saw a stand full of caps.  Many were made from linen type fabrics and houndstooth and tweeds.  I have had an itch to make one ever since.

Another recent purchase is from Rosalie Quinlan.  I got it from Quilt Fabric Delights.  I have her other sewing book and thought it quite good so picked this up without doing much research.  It has enough projects, that I like, to be worth the au$29.95.  This is when you compare the cost of an individual pattern here in Australia,  between $15.00 - $25.00 ea.  Makes spending $30 on a book with about 15 patterns and full sized templates good value.  No more running to work to enlarge patterns. he he

Must go Hubby has started defrosting tea and he never does that! So! Must be he is subtly telling me I am a slacker.


Billie said...

I just recently bought Sew Sunny Homestyle, too. I was going to blog about it yesterday, but will save for another post. I love that book! I'm going to look into A Stitch in Time, wonder if it's available in the US. I love craft books, I have quite a collection.

Karen said...

I have both books too. Very, very good buys. I so want to make the Jane Austen inspired doll.