Thursday, November 12, 2009

Heatwave Post

We are still having the unexpected heatwave here.  It has sapped all of my energy and I am coping by turning the stereo up really loud to drown out the heat.  It works, believe me it really does.  Cold drinks help too!!  Don't worry about the neighbours.  We live in area of 5 acre allotments so lots of distance between us.

I still haven't been crafty lately but have some pics of projects completed awhile ago.  The photo's are poor quality but they were taken with my old camera and I will never declare myself a photographer.  Just a girl with a camera.  I enjoy sewing more than the picture taking. Oh well, on with pic uploading........

This is Stanley.  Gone to a good home now but still fondly remembered.  He is from the book "Softies" and designed by one of my favourite designers Fiona Dalton of "Hop Skip Jump".  I am a newbie to softie making and I think Stanley turned out ok.  He was easy to make or the instructions in the book are really well written. 

Emo Girl.  She was a great scrap using project.  I cannot remember where I found this doll on the internet, so if anyone has an idea, could they let me know and I can give credit where its due.

I saw this doll on someones blog and wanted one of my own.  I couldn't get a copy of the pattern so I finished up making my own pattern.  She turned out alright and exactly how I wanted her to.  She has also left me to go live elsewhere.  My little niece is looking after her.

Must go.  My boss just rang and wants to add some stress to my life (only joking)  The security guys at work want to do something to our electronic keys.  Wipe the data clean or something like that.  I hope mine works when I go in this weekend!