Sunday, November 1, 2009

Fun with fabric

I made this journal cover for my daughter and it was a fun quick project.  My daughter is really, really into japanese art, fashion and manga, (manga mad).  She has been a fan since around ten years old.  At around twenty she still is obsessed with pokemon.  I started liking japanese craft once I started sewing non garment type things like bags and stuffies.  I fell in love with all things zakka from reading blogs on the net.  I had found stacks of free patterns on japanese craft sites ( but when my computer started playing up, my dear hubby reformatted and I lost it all. arrr

I have been learning to make these Kanzashi flowers.  This is my second one. The petals are made from 2 1/2 " fabric squares.  I will need to practice at this size for a while before I attempt the little ones.