Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I am a Naughty Girl!

Time is moving on and the tax return deadline is only a few nights away and what am I doing?

A green "Pleated Beauty Handbag" from the Bend the Rules Sewing book. Making this bag has been heaps of fun. Selecting fabric and matching contrast fabric, embroidery, and slowing seeing it come together has been an oasis in a boring life of work and tax. And as you can see I am nowhere near finished.

Its very easy to make but for the pleats ( I'm embarrassed to say). Firstly I couldn't decide which side I should press the seam allowances and I think this would make a world of difference in lining up the pleats.(maybe). I will try it differently next time. (I pressed the seam allowance toward outer plain green fabric).


Billie said...

Cute skirt! Love pleats, and the embroidery looks fantastic. I would have never thought to do embroidery, great job! I also want to thank you for visiting my blog, happy sewing!