Saturday, December 19, 2009

Join us and have some fun!

I have not blogged in awhile or even read other people's blogs for a couple of weeks.  Do you want to know why?  TEENAGERS.  My teenager has finished high school for the year and is home on the internet.  With the plan we are on it's great when I am the only one logged on but our speed is shaped when we go over our 5gb limit.  It's so slow with three people using it at one time that I don't enjoy it.  Internode won't let me up-grade to faster speeds and 50gb limit until the Fifth of January either.

But today I gave in and spent au$5.00 for a 2gb data block and started catching up with my favourite blogs.

It's a good thing too because I was reminded about a PIF group (Pay It Forward) I have joined. I am excited about this as it will be my first and it sounds like fun. It's being run by Naomi of Nomes's Brag Along.  If you like getting surprises in the mail pop over to her blog for detailed information.

You might get a softie or something else from me if  you join.

The above sounds like a bribe lol.