Monday, October 19, 2009

Too busy to sew.

My boss is going on holidays, so I have extra work days to do. Which means busy, busy, busy and no time for sewing! Well sewing my stuff that I like sewing. I still have to fit in my time schedule a witches costume for a niece (who wants it in like two to three weeks), a xmas stocking for a work colleague, and do my tax and assist with my partners complicated tax.

So no fun sewing for me. I am contenting myself with some pics of a recently finished project. This purple bear I made for my daughter who took it home with her as soon as she saw it and before I got a photo of it. Today she came over with it and I took some quick crap shots as you will be able to tell from above pics.

Its from a Australian "Handmade" sewing magazine. The designer is Jhoanna Monte Aranez. Made of polar fleece and cotton scraps for the dress. Flower is made of felt.


Billie said...

Cute bear! I really need to make softies again, it's been a long time.