Thursday, August 11, 2011

Sewing is my drug of choice!

Sewing gives me such euphoria when I finally complete a project.  The exact opposite occurs when a project becomes a UFO.  So I am very happy to be finishing off quite a bit of stuff lately.

A simple tote with ample pockets for .....well, anything!  This pattern is going to help me get through my large stash of fabric.  I went on a sheet buying frenzy when it was all the rage and sheets have lots of fabric!

Another fold over flap bag!  So easy to make!  This pattern will also help me get through some of my stash.  I interfaced the lining on this bag and not the outer.  I  only added some canvas type fabric interlining on the outer and it worked out well.  Sturdy yet soft.

I purchased a fantastic sewing book and made a gorgeous bag from it that I will show next.  I just have some finishing off to do to the bag and I also would like some sunshine for the photography or a light box.  I might make one following these instructions.


jane p said...

It's great to see you're on a roll. Making bags give me such a high I often wonder why everyone else isn't doing it every day. I think the fold-over bag will "go" pretty quick too. I've never interfaced my lining before. Must try it just to see how it feels.

Merry said...

Two more wonderful bags. REally love that fold over bag.

Sew Loquacious Angela said...

Your tote is great and I love love the fold over flap bag! The fabric you used for that bag is fabulous!!!

PS..thanks for your sweet comments!

Karen said...

Great finishes! Sounds like you are super motivated to chow through your stash. Excellent. I bet that feels gooood.