Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Messenger Bag

My latest bag was inspired by many of the flap type bags out there in blogland, especially this one from Kristen of the 'So Happy' blog.

The photo's aren't great.  Sorry!  I hope it's just the dark, overcast days and not my camera!

Pockets!  There are two more on the inside!

The cute little key fob is not only cute but functional.  No more rummaging through looking for car keys in the pouring rain in a car park!

I made this bag to sell.  I had to do something to stop my nieces always going on about selling my stuff.  Drove me crazy.  So I made this, and a tote that I will show next week, to put into a shop to sell. Now I have an answer to give the next person who says "I should sell my stuff".  I can say I do.

Boring bit:  Update on my health.  I had a test for Ross River Virus a few weeks ago.  The results were negative.  The only other answer I can think of for my rash and muscle aches was I may have poisoned myself.  Pretty embarrassing but I had to mention it to the doctor and she said yes and to stop spraying weed killer on my footpaths.

I took all the safety precautions!  Wore a face mask, gloves, and covered up my entire body even though it was stinking hot.  I sweated a lot and the sweat may have unsealed my face mask because I did get some vapors in my mouth.  It tasted awful and I stopped straight away and had a thorough wash.  I sprayed a Sat or Sunday and the rash was over my entire body by Wednesday.  What do you think?  Could have been.

Also the reason my muscles still ache and don't seem to be recovering could be because the doctor slipped in a Vitamin D test and my results show I am very deficient.  The normal range for VitD is 60 - 140 and I am 45 so taking Osterlin now and making sure I get outside for walks more often.

Take care of yourselves and catch ya later!


Kristen said...

This is an awesome bag!! Sooo much better than mine! Did you use Round up? Huh... Maybe there is an organic solution to the weeds. It sounds terrible. Take care of yourself!!

Sew Loquacious Angela said...

I love your bag! It looks so soft and just perfect! Hope you get lots of money for it!!!
PS. You should really try the image'd love it!

jane p said...

Congrats on becoming a seller. Mysterious rash and muscle ache. Sounds like a case for House. I hope you get better. Muscle ache is something I live with so I can imagine what it's like. Did the doc recommend exercise? Do stop poisoning yourself! Everytime my upstairs neighbour spays weed killer, I go out to escape being poisoned. I've heard of folks who are low in vit D because they overdose on sunscreen. Singapore is so hot yet most folks don't use sunscreen! Me included because it brings on the rashes.

Merry said...

What a useful bag....really like the fob to hold your keys. Hope you get lots of sales. :-) Could the rash be seperate to the aches. I try to walk every day and a couple of years ago I started getting a rash on my stomach and back. Went to the doctors and discovered that because I was working up a slight sweat and wearing a singlet with nylon in it my body reacted. Since then cotton tshirts rashes. Maybe your body reacted to being hot at covered up.

Karen said...

It looks a great bag! Good luck with sellling your lovely creations. I hope you are starting to feel better.