Friday, January 22, 2010

U.F.O. Pile up!

The trouble with UFO's is they tend to pile up in your sewing room and eventually spill over to  other parts of your house.  Guilt sets in every time you inspect the pile and see how many projects are actually there.

They are in all stages of "incompleteness" from just the fabric cut out to nearly finished.  I don't know which project causes more guilt, cut out fabric or projects that are so close to being finished its silly not to have finished them off.

My pile grows because I find another project calling to me before I can finish the last one.  I find the calling is too strong and I give in to the new project albeit with guilt.

Well my guilt has finally gotten to me and I have to finish off some UFO's, WIP's whatever people like to call them.  As you can see I have a few shelves full.  These are the nearly finished items.  I have a basket of ufo's in less finished stages and an ottoman in the lounge room full of unfinished projects.

Its a bit shameful and I decided to do something about them this year.  So I have been invited to play along with this OPAM which stands for One Project A Month.  I didn't quite make the 200 for entry into prizes as I found the site too late :(  but can still participate in sewing along (and hopefully finishing off lots of guilt!!)

This sock doll is nearly finished and because Jan 2010 is also nearly finished, it will be my first OPAM.  He just needs another arm!  I think I can do that before Monday when I have to go back to work. lol


Karen said...

I get really annoyed with myself when a project is so close to finishing that it seems silly not to finish it. I get mad with myself for not being able to see a project through to the end in one go without starting something else. I have been good this year though and have been finishing off some quilts that just needed binding. In two cases the binding was even already sewn on. Just the hand stitching was required. Looking forward to seeing your finishes.

Beeshebags said...

What's left to do on the owl???? It looks cute, which pattern/tutorial did you use hun? Hugs Naomi

antmee said...

The owl is an egg cosie and is actually finished. Just waiting on some friends to become a set. You will find tutorial on:

Tute can be found on front page in a list of tutes on right hand sidebar. Hope you have fun! I did!

Handicraft Passion said...

They are just so adorable and beautiful...