Monday, July 2, 2012

My little nest

Thanks everyone for the well wishes.  I'm not doing too badly because this cold has given me a couple days off work.  I have spent that time in front of the heater doing a little bit of sewing or reading those new craft books I got in the mail the other day.

This is one spot I have been hanging out.  Either watching tv or reading my 5 new craft books.  The books are fabulous.  One is Wee Wonderful's book.  It's  full of softies to make.  The other is Hop Skip Jumps softies book.  So many cute projects just asking/begging me to stop what I am doing and start something new.  I am trying to be tough and finish off some stuff that's been hanging around for ages unfinished.


I have also been nesting in front of this heater doing some crafty stuff.  Mostly I have been making a mess with bits and pieces scattered over the floor.  Also reading Melly and Me's softie book to finish off Bella Boo.

Bella Boo.  She is so sweet and a wonderful softie to make.  I used some soft flannel fabric for her body.  I found it in an op shop years ago and the scrap was too small to make any baby clothes with.  Perfect for Bella Boo.

She has gone off with my cousins little girl.  Most of my softies fly the coup really early.  I guess that's good right?  I just would like one or two for myself but can't say no to any little tacker that wants to take one home!

Gotta go and curl up on my sofa.  Hubby's putting Farscape on to watch.


jane p said...

I'm really scared of catching colds as I have a sensitive nose. In fact if I hear my kids sneezing I get very stressed. If we have winter here I would totally not survive. Once we went to Korea and it was super cold then - minus deg C and I found myself sniffling all day. I've never made a real softie before - just little ones with no legs.

Karen said...

That looks like a very cozy nest. The fire must be just oh so lovely. There are so many cute softie patterns out there. I think I have the Wee Wonderfuls book too. Its gorgeous.

punkychewster said...

I hope you're all better now! I seldom get the sniffles, but when i do, i'm the whiniest kid in town. You should make yourself a bella boo to snuggle up to when you're feeling not too hot! It's so cute!

DaCraftyLady said...

Hope you are feeling better I quit teaching just to stay away from germs!! Your Bella Boo is adorable...great job...~~Debb