Sunday, May 6, 2012

Weddings are  generally not my favourite event to go to, though I do prefer them to funerals.  I find church weddings are stiff and too formal.  So imagine my pleasant surprise to witness a beautiful wedding in a cathedral called St Francis Xavier that had fun, love and laughter.  A happy priest telling jokes and the bride and groom's close friends having participating roles in the service.  I cried a little. The bride's mother tells me I was the only person who cried.  I assured her that they were tears of joy.

This is not the best of wedding photos but about the only one I managed to take without a bubble up somebody's nose.

Spot the bubble!

To be fair to family I will embarrassingly expose myself on my blog.

before a few drinks at hens night

after a few drinks!  
My sewing mojo has managed to finish off a small childs tote that has been hanging around unfinished for months.  I feel so happy to finally finish off a project that started off exciting and ended up blah.

Next sewing finish is a neck pillow I made using a pattern from the book called "Sew Darn Cute" by Jenny Ryan.  That book is so darn cute and the projects in it are all on my "must do" list. 

Top of pillow was made using cotton scraps stitched onto a piece of flannel.  Then I traced the pattern onto this and cut out along with the backing piece which was from a child's dress made of soft chenille fabric.  Looks gorgeous and feels so comfy.  It is so mine! 

Mothers Day is in a week.  Do you think I will have enough time to make a couple more for the lovely ladies in my life?  (A little voice of reason is telling me no because stuffing the pillow is such a time sucker).

Thanks for reading.  May you all be blessed with beautiful weather this week.


jane p said...

Cool pillow. My girl likes it!

Jodie said...

Good to see you are sewing, and blogging, and having fun!

DaCraftyLady Debb said...

like the pillow what did you fill it with?

antmee said...

I frequently like to replace the pillows on our beds with new fluffy ones. The old ones I throw into the wash and half the time the stuffing comes out clean and fluffy and so is used to stuff things. Half the time it lumps up and I either throw it out if its too bad or make cat/dog beds.

Karen said...

I love that you put your before and after shots on your blog. You are beautiful.
I love that book "Sew Darn Cute". I had that pillow down as afuture project. I noticed at Spotlight that they have the neck pillow forms if you don't have any stuffing. Yours look beautifully vintage. I bet that chenille is lovely and soft.

Jodie said...

I'm the opposite of you at the moment - sewing little and blogging lots. Oh well, swings and round a bouts. Nice to see you back!