Monday, June 14, 2010

non sew related! turn away!

In May, I travelled to Whyalla, South Australia, for our annual tourism conference.  The show was full on for the entire week and not all of it spent sitting at a table in the conference centre listening to speakers.

We snorkeled with the Cuttle Fish.  Awesome!  I saw three.  The weather was rough and being a non swimmer, I got washed around a bit.

This is the closest I want to get to reveal my face on the net.  I am third on the right.  These were the brave souls who faced some cold rough snorkeling weather.

We went on a trip to Iron Knob.  I am luckily in the shadow. lol

A magnificent dinner with a live show of the "Desperado's".  Meal prepared by local high school students.  The meal was tasty and well presented.

We went on a scavenger hunt around Whyalla and then a tour by bus to see more sights of the town.  The pic above is when we were locked out of the bus and mechanics were called in to break in.  Here he is trying to drill out the lock.  Failed.  In the end he got a big hammer and smashed it out.

We got to wander around on this ship and see the very interesting museum they have at the Whyalla Visitor Information Centre.  We also went on a guided tour of "Onesteel" where they make umm......steel. 

We drank lots of wine and ate lots of food and my employers paid for it all and paid me to do it.  Pity this couldn't happen more often. lol

We also had some time to listen to some very interesting speakers.  I overloaded on info and a lot went in one ear and out the other.  Thank goodness a conference dvd was made and sent on to us later on.


Donna said...

Wow! Great photos...and I don't know why you wouldn't put your photo on your blog. You look great!

Those are awesome costumes...did you do them?

I would have loved to join you on that trip. You are amazing!

jane p said...

You have a fabulous employer! If you must know, I zoomed the photo so see what you look like!