Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Fabric store finds

Today, straight after work, I raced down to my local fabric store to find some beautiful fabric for a fabric swap challenge I am in.  After an hour standing in front of the fabric, unable to choose what I will buy for the ladies in the challenge,  I took hold of the fabric above.  It's very beautiful but on holding it I felt it was not the quality of fabric I wanted to send to my bloggy friends.  It was quite thin and reading the info told me it was "suitable for childrens sleepwear".  Not suitable for my challenge but so pretty I grabbed a quarter metre anyway.

A fat quarter I found in their cheap $2.00 basket.  When I got home I found they had charged me $4.75 for it :( .   I thought this fabric would be good for dolls dresses or pants.

Fabric with writing on it!  I love it but am suspicious of the printing.  Looks sprayed on and could just as easily wash off.  It was one of the highest priced fabrics in the store but I still couldn't trust it enough to post to the ladies in the challenge.

I was astounded to find my local store has some nice patterns from Amy Butler in stock!  I bought one of course and also the Flea Market Bag.  

I asked the sales lady why they don't stock Amy Butler fabric as well.  Cost is the answer I got and that they only stock Moda fabric.  There would be a lot more sewists in this town if they stocked some fabric from the designers like Amy Butler and Heather Bailey!

I purchased the required fabric for the challenge as well but will not show it as probably should be a surprise!  (Hint it's Moda)

On the sewing front I have been doing a bit but haven't finished any of it so no pics.   Cant even show a WIP as its a surprise for a work colleague!

So I took some pics of some projects I made earlier (lots earlier) and will show them in a day or so.



Cyndi said...

Ooohh, pretty fabrics, Kylie! It's fun to see what we "almost" got! LOL
I hope you went back to the store and got your refund for the overcharge! I hate when that happens...such a pain!!

Looking forward to our swap/challenge!



Neky White said...

beautiful fabrics!! My favorite is the first one,with those little birds n_n
I hate when the fabric design is beautiful but the quality of the fibers is not good!

Vintage Girl/Marivel said...

I love your fabrics , and patterns.
I like flea market bag.
best wishes...

Melissa said...

I love that top fabric, too. From the pictures it looks like it coordinates with the FQ. I also like that fabric with the printing. Even if you can't wash it, I am sure you will find something fun to do with it!

Fine Hand said...

Your fabric choices are great! I find it SO frustrating also when I can't find designer fabric in my town - the choices are pretty bleak. It is such a shame! oh well thank goodness for online stores.

Donna said...

Ahhh...fabric...you gotta love it whereever you find it! I'm happy for you!

Merry said...

Sounds like you had a fun and interesting shopping trip. Beautiful fabrics. Love those bag patterns you bought as well.

Sharon MLS said...

What a fun post! I bought fabric for the swap today too! So nice to 'meet' you!

Billie said...

I love the fabric with writing on it. I bought some from an etsy seller recently. I haven't thought about what to use it for yet. Can't wait to see your finished projects!