Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Simple pattern + great fabric = gorgeous bag!

I love this fabric!  Makes a simple bag pattern turn out quite nice!  If you want to make your own, you can find the pattern here.  It's called the "1 hour bag" and Jodi from Ric-Rac generously has it as a free pattern and tutorial.

My darling daughter "bagged" this bag when she saw it.  I had only half finished sewing it together!  Since I gave in and promised to give it to her, I asked her what colour buttons she wanted on the sides.  She wanted pink ones and do you think I could find some to match, in just the right size?  No!  It took me a few weeks of looking in fabric stores and even op shops before I gave up and bought some self cover buttons.  I was then lucky enough to find just the right shade of pink fabric in my stash.

Inside the bag is a simple pocket and a magnetic snap to close.  You could change this bag and add so much extra features like more pockets, a flap etc but then it would take a lot longer than the one hour it takes to make.  It actually takes longer if you add in the time it takes to make a choice on what fabric you are going to use!  The outer fabric and lining are cotton and the interfacing is H640 Vilene.

My niece likes this bag too!  So I need to make another in similar fabric!  As I said before, it might take me some time to find just the right fabric!

If you do make this bag, remember to strengthen the positions of the magnetic snaps with extra iron-on interfacing.  I didn't in the beginning and had to undo the bottom of lining to remove snaps and add some extra interfacing.


Laura said...

Good Morning!
This is so cute! Thanks for sharing the idea...I think I'll give it a try!

jane p said...

It's a good choice of fabric. The pink buttons add a nice touch. If only oval self cover buttons exist!

Unknown said...

great bag.. love it! I agree with jane p.. choice of fabic! Super!

Melissa said...

this is awesome! great job!

Cyndi said...

That's a great bag, Kylie, and I LOVE your fabric choice. It's perfect! I find that pink buttons are the hardest to find - whether they be new or vintage. Wonder why that is?

When you make the bag for your niece, be sure to post pics! :o)



Natalie said...

Wooo lovely bag with lovely fabric. I am very into geometric prints lately so this bag is pressing all the right buttons! Oh, the buttons on the bag are awesome choice too!

Vintage Girl/Marivel said...

you are right:
gorgeous bag.
lovely fabric;great pattern.
good work.

Angela said...

Beautiful fabric! Great job, too! I can't wait to see the next one.

Merry said...

Wow... this is such a stunning bag. I can see why your daughter put her hand up straight away.

Sammy said...

I Love this bag.Well done.

Jodie said...

It looks great, you are right, the right fabric just makes it perfect. Would you like to add it to the flickr pool?