Thursday, April 29, 2010

Finally! A Finish!

These sleeve protectors are the only things I have finished this "flat out" month of April.  I decided to do some Japanese embroidery on one and almost completely made the brown ones by hand!  I am a slow stitcher so no wonder they took so long.

They look better "in person" than they do in the photo above but not as good as the originals from Mairuru.  You can see her lovelies and see the tutorial she wrote here.

Just made it to work in time to deliver these to a colleague before she knocked off.  Which was the second time today that I drove into work because after getting up early,  ready for work and driving in,  I found out that I am on the roster to work tomorrow.  Not today!  So off I go driving home a bit embarrassed and check my diary to see that its correctly written for Friday but I have incorrectly written that I am working Thursday on my calendar in the laundry.

That grey and brown fabric is actually the same piece of fabric!  Grey one side and brown the other.  Recycled from a pair of slacks.

Now onto some doll staining!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Pink Post!

Hello!  I am still kicking around someplace.  Just no current sewing finished because of life's busy little schedule!  So I thought I would take this opportunity to post about a few things I have previously made for my "gift box"  but couldn't give away until I had taken a photo of them.  There is a lot of stuff in my "gift box" and I don't want to overwhelm people with too much all at once, so I decided to show the pink ones.

Flower pincushion  pattern found here in a free tutorial!

Needle book pattern used can be found in this book here.  I cheated with the flower!  It is an iron on! 

Baby booties made using Heather Baileys "bitty booties" pattern.  It's a free download you can get from her blog here.

Wristlet made by me "winging it" again.  Actually I don't mind how it turned out,  especially  when its made using leftover fabric and an old recycled buckle!

With pretty pink lining!  Also a scrap of knit fabric from an old jumper that compliments the pink velvet outer fabric with its soft texture! 

My attempt at log cabin patchwork.  I feel I need to practice with a tutorial that has a few measurement guidelines for me! 

Has some pink in it!  If you look closely enough!  lol.  Pattern used is from this book here.  These slippers are a size 7/8 adult and ended up in the "gift box" waiting for a winter birthday girl.

Soon I will be able to show the project I have just finished!  I am patiently waiting for the recipient to return from her holiday so that I can give it to her!  It's a surprise.

My next project may take awhile to complete.  Its for a swap and I can't say much more about it really except it's  A DOLL and I am a bit of a learner when it comes to their hair.  But I have a wonderful friend who has led me to some very clear tutorials  that I am looking forward to trying.  By the way its a doll swap so no surprise lol.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Some Finished Projects

Hope I can remember where I found the pattern!

Pattern was from this book by Tone Finnanger.  Used recycled old denim for the pouch and felt and beads for flowers.

Easy Peasy pattern.  Forgot to take a pic of the lining!  It was recycled shorts in hot pink Hawaii  fabric.

Another pouch.  I stupidly thought I could just "wing it" without a pattern!  But the end result was a lop sided pouch lol.

And finally some coasters.  I saw some made by a lady at work and loved them.  I thought "what a lovely scrap fabric project".  So being me I had to make some.  When I have made some complimentary things to go with them, they will be given as a gift.

That's it from me tonight because I have a deadline to finish a surprise gift for a work colleague tomorrow.   Show pics after delivery!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Fabric store finds

Today, straight after work, I raced down to my local fabric store to find some beautiful fabric for a fabric swap challenge I am in.  After an hour standing in front of the fabric, unable to choose what I will buy for the ladies in the challenge,  I took hold of the fabric above.  It's very beautiful but on holding it I felt it was not the quality of fabric I wanted to send to my bloggy friends.  It was quite thin and reading the info told me it was "suitable for childrens sleepwear".  Not suitable for my challenge but so pretty I grabbed a quarter metre anyway.

A fat quarter I found in their cheap $2.00 basket.  When I got home I found they had charged me $4.75 for it :( .   I thought this fabric would be good for dolls dresses or pants.

Fabric with writing on it!  I love it but am suspicious of the printing.  Looks sprayed on and could just as easily wash off.  It was one of the highest priced fabrics in the store but I still couldn't trust it enough to post to the ladies in the challenge.

I was astounded to find my local store has some nice patterns from Amy Butler in stock!  I bought one of course and also the Flea Market Bag.  

I asked the sales lady why they don't stock Amy Butler fabric as well.  Cost is the answer I got and that they only stock Moda fabric.  There would be a lot more sewists in this town if they stocked some fabric from the designers like Amy Butler and Heather Bailey!

I purchased the required fabric for the challenge as well but will not show it as probably should be a surprise!  (Hint it's Moda)

On the sewing front I have been doing a bit but haven't finished any of it so no pics.   Cant even show a WIP as its a surprise for a work colleague!

So I took some pics of some projects I made earlier (lots earlier) and will show them in a day or so.